The Most Attentive Elderly Care Facility!

Are you a busy person with a lot on their hands? Are you in need of additional help to care for your parents? If that is the case, then you can’t go wrong with Sonoma Serenity Home. We have been offering elderly care for many people in Sonoma, CA, accommodating all of their needs.

As a responsible and trustworthy facility, we make sure we keep in touch with the physician of every senior in our care so that we can assist every person with the care they need.

Our senior care facility is spacious enough, so there is enough room for everyone. There are a lot of areas for fun activities, and the beautiful scenery that Sonoma, CA has to offer make us the preferred choice for many.

Beautiful deck

Residents have trust in us because, once they visit us and see how attentive our staff is, they know that Sonoma Serenity Home is the right place for them. We always keep in touch with relatives and even encourage them to engage in the activities we organize. We don’t just offer elderly care services, we offer a home where people can be properly taken care of, be under supervision 24/7, and have people that they count on for anything they need.

If you are looking for a senior care facility for your loved one, make sure you call (707) 202-6872 today for more information or come and visit us directly.